The State of Twitter and an Update on

I've done a few blog posts about features that rely on Twitter built into this site, from Custom Twitter Embeds to WebMentions. Given the recent news of Twitter's API becoming paid (and from what I've seen it's not cheap), I'm likely going to have to rework this functionality in the near future. It's not a good situation for Twitter. It was always a favourite of developers due to the ease by which we could build on top of Twitter or into it and it seems that's now coming to an end.

It's a troubling trend from where the web used to be only 5 years ago with many free APIs which newer developers could use as learning tools. The web was a much less cynical place at that time.

I'm not sure how I'll rewrite the Twitter embeds at the moment. I might possibly just replace them with links once they break and be done with it. I am still active on Twitter for the time being but I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with Twitter as a service since it's acquisition.

In other news, I've been rebuilding the CV generation tooling from the homepage into its own service. This will allow anyone to have similar functionality embedded on their own site. It's something I've been asked for enough times now and so I finally started building it. Progress is slow but I do hope to start showing this off shortly.

That's the primary reason that I haven't posted any blog posts since the new year. The other being that I got promoted to Lead Developer at Pretty Little Thing and obviously settling into my new role took a lot of energy.

Over the next year I hope to show off a lot of exciting new developments so make sure to subscribe to the mailing list so you can be the first to hear about them.

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