An Ode to the Intel Mac

The general advice is that a computer should last between 2 and 4 years. I've had the same computer for my home use since 2015. When I got it, it was worth more than I had ever even seen in a bank account. At the time I got it, it was a pretty amazing computer and I've never taken it for granted as a huge point of privilege to have had a machine like that for such a long time early on. It's been a mainstay through every professional role I've ever had. Work computers have been replaced by my employers more often than even my phone but this laptop has soldiered on.

The MacBook no longer holds a charge and it's fans spin up if I do so much as try to use airplay with my Sonos speakers; It's not compatible with the 2 latest versions of Mac OS - It barely made it onto Monterey; It can't run more than a couple of intensive applications without struggling yet it has helped me build so many cool things: This site, Not Another CV, My open source work. I've been working alongside it in the IT industry for years now so I almost consider it as integral to my success as my own drive.

The blog post is likely a little gratuitous but I think its important to note the sentimental value this overheating lump of metal that's missing 3 of it's rubber feet holds for me. I could easily replace the thing but could never bring myself to do so as I have so much fondness for this computer. Unfortunately, after WWDC this year, I think it's time to move on...

In late 2021 my partner got a an M1 MacBook air, which runs rings around my intel MacBook without trying, and then at the start of this year I got upgraded to the M2 MacBook Pro for work. Both of these machines have shown me just how much I've been pushing through to use this thing and with the announcement of the new M2 Max Mac Studio, I don't see any reason not to upgrade.

My New Mac Studio
My New Mac Studio

I've upgraded to the new M2 Max Mac Studio, a real game changer. 32GB Memory, 12-Core CPU, 30-Core GPU and even a 16-Core Neural Engine. Fingers crossed it lasts just as long.

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